Thursday, June 16, 2011

Small Towns

Is curious how people opinion of you can change based on where you live, not long ago we live in Nevada, I will consider a good zip code, in a house. We recently move to a small town in New York, close to Buffalo, great schools; I never care what people think about me, my husband gave me a lesson on how people thinks, when we cam we didn’t realize how hard is to find a house in a small town, and since we don’t want to to buy until we are sure we staying, we decided out of urgency to place kids at school to get the only apartment available in the whole town.

My girl had a school play recently, one of the moms introduce herself and gave us complement about how wonderful my child was, we start talking and it came up “so Hallie said you live in xxxx street”, I respond “oh yes, we only could find an apartment bla bla”, and she reply “oh! I thought you were in a house”, we explain the whole situation; later that day my husband explain that as soon I said apartment that woman judge us as probably white trash, me been naive ask him why?, and he say is because is how people think.
Even when I was in a house in Nevada, I know i would it not be judge if I would it be in an apartment or Condo. This left me with a sour taste of small towns.

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