Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Spongebob....no pants?!?

Subject A
In this day and age were even Sponge bob will wear square pants, I find myself involve in a fight of wills with my 4 yr old son (Cole), since he start potty in the bathroom, he has found himself more relax wearing just underwear and no shorts/pants, the irony is that his favorite underwear is his Sponge bob SquarePANTS set.

On a positive note is that he will keep the underwear, on the negative is that I find myself hard to hide from him when I want to cry or laugh when very proud of himself he takes his privates out and says "look mommy, my pitito is big" for those that don't know Spanish check on Google for the word, it looks like when he had a diaper on, he couldn't reach into the package, now with more access it seems he found a new toy to show off. I am not reading into it, I know he is only 4 and he is just trying to be cute, and he has calm down and stop doing this exposure that often, but, I just hope he outgrows this stage, cause, what we find cute and funny at 4, 10 years later we find it as being a pervert and ready to go to jail for exposing himself. On a more positive note when we go out he will let me put pants on him and he doesn't touch or give me a hard time for wearing them.

Any thoughts on how to help me out to make him wear his pants?

Note. Don't mention this to anyone, he will kill me.

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  1. I was babysitting my little cousin once when I was 16, and he had been playing quietly in the bedroom. As I rose to go check on him, he streaked passed me naked--but not before I saw the bandaid he'd wrapped around his penis. Kids are a trip! LOL Your son will outgrow it in his own time, and I wouldn't worry too much.


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