Sunday, October 16, 2011

Spending quality time with the family

Sometimes stress of life make us forget what is important, daily life becomes a routine and we forget paying attention to the ones close to us. Since last weekend me and my hubby start taking the kids to a nature preserve to have a small BBQ and today we took them to church (with the move back to Las Vegas, we haven't been going to any service) and BBQ after that, I guess we need it some preaching, I must say that the message hit us hard, like meant to be for us, and to be honest I am not a very religious person, but feeling like the sermon was meant to you, just freaks me out; the kids really enjoy themselves and they definitely enjoy the walking paths and have all the area to ride their scooters.

Hubby and I really start to understand to not forget enjoying our kids, even in this time of hardship we been going trough, like the song says "You going miss this".

Like I say, sometime stress of life make us forget what is important, I just remind you that, so stop forgetting and get out there and enjoy your family.

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