Tuesday, April 3, 2012

After two months.

I been of the grid for a couple of months, to be honest when you thinking about writing a journal, a blog or a diary becomes an effort, it means that you need to take a break. Thing going amazing, move to a new house, we still working on fill it up with furniture, but I am waiting to buy the right pieces; just finish making arrangements to go for the first time to Comic-Con (awesome), I have to say is been a very stressful process, from buying badges to hotel reservations, is just crazy, I hope the experience in July worth all the headaches.

When we move to a new house, kids had to be move also to a different schools, Hallie love her new school, the oldest had a little hard time to adjust, thank God she is doing better, Cole also had been sign up for the fall, that means more free time for me, which has make me think I want to go back to school. We taking one day at the time to recover from the awful past year, but overall Life is good, and I hope stays like that for a while.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Craziness of the Holidays

Xmas decorative display
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Probably you're having the same stress that I'm having, I plan around July, trying to start getting presents very early, but I end up to date not haven't finish Christmas shopping; stores are madness, I even was in a wrestling match on this after thanksgiving sale on Walmart, I been taking care of the "big" presents online, my fave place to shop is Amazon, no taxes, free shipping, so when Target, Toys R Us or any store will charge me the taxes, I don't have to worry it in this website.
Schools being busy, from Choir Concerts, to this week kids having a little get together before been off from school for a couple of weeks.

But, in all the holiday madness, people remember the family, everyone is in better spirits and smiles, you receive Christmas Cards, in my case TONS of them, thanks to a wonderful club I belong around the world.
We also make a list of New Year's "goals" that if we want to be honest, we not planning to do.
Mine is.....

Losing 40 lbs.
Take some classes
Finding a Home
Losing 50 lbs.

As much annoying December turns sometimes, I do appreciated the blessings of this year, more when things haven't been that great; I do enjoy the cookies my husband makes (best Peanut Butter cookies EVER), the faces of my kids when they opening their presents, just in general our time together. I hope you enjoy it as much I do.

Monday, December 5, 2011

The older they get, the harder to gift on Christmas

Christmas gifts.
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I am falling apart, this is becoming a hard year to buy for Christmas, Cassie is now 11 and in 6th grade, and not a kid anymore so is not like I can get her a Barbie and is going to be super thankful, don't get me wrong I have amazing kids, and they would never complain because they didn't receive something, but not only the older they get, the harder to gift, but also the older they are, the expensive the presents become. From a Barbie to a Tablet is a huge difference of price, and what? now the presents also become more clothes, but in there is no wow factor, unless our kids are in to fashion.....now....If we would be talking about Hallie it would be excitement, but Cassie is more a farm girl kid that Fashionista.

Also, there is no blame it to Santa cause you didn't get what you want it, is more like sorry that mom and dad didn't have enough budget for Christmas, or, mom got a horrible outfit for you. I really don't enjoy much Holidays, Birthdays or any celebration that involves presents, I kinda forget them very often, including mine ( who wants to remember that I'm getting old).  I cant wait to finish Christmas shopping and stop stressing on what to get.
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