About Me

My Story

I was born and raise in the city of Mexicali, which is in the border with California. Living as a single working mom in my hometown , I met this wonderful guy and we fall in love, got marry, after that we had two more children Hallie and Cole, that makes three with Cassie. 

Now I spend my days trying to figure out how to go back to school, been a mom and wife, between that time I enjoy posting in my blog, I know I am not a great writer, but what I write comes from the heart, did I mention that I try to have peace from my family life with guilty pleasures like coffee and cola?

I hope you hop in the bus to our life Journey.

Our Family

Mom and Dad

Cassie, Cole and Hallie
The Twit, The Boy and The Fathead
Where the blog name came from?

This is an inside joke between me and my 4 yr old boy, we start mocking the Cheez-It commercial and bugging each other saying, click-check-click every time we saw it, we always had a laugh. So when it came to got a name for the blog, it make sense and fitting for me say Click: when you come to the blog, Check: no need to explain, Mom: because is what a write. I know, is silly, but is the things I share with my kids.


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