Saturday, July 16, 2011

Do you Say Hi?

Be politeImage via WikipediaI was wonder that, I don't even know if there still polite people around me, Do you smile when someone that walks by your side says Hi? or, When your driving someone waves with their hand? or a person smiles at you for no reason? To be honest my personal experience and what I do is a mix answer.

The true is that is that if a stranger says Hi, I might give a half Hi back, or by driving or with a smile, because in the back of my mind I am thinking, I don't know this person, what he/she wants?, Does he want to take my purse? Is he flirting with me?, how cant I think he/she is just been nice?

When I was in the East Coast it was hard to get so many unwanted Hi from people, I was not very use to it because in the West I guess people mind their own business and forgot how to be polite, that's my personal experience so please don't get offended, we are talking about a person that didn't know much her past neighbors and when someone show up in my front door was to do gossip.

I did got use to people be just nice to me, now that I am back in the West Coast I will have to adjust, or step up and change the world by been the first one to say Hi and Wave or Smile.


  1. Hi, following you from Voiceboks.
    I live on the East Coast and there are still a few people that will randomly say Hi to you on the street, or say good morning without even knowing who you are, and the truth is that I always say Hi back. No matter who they are, if I know them or not. It doesn't happen often these random acts of politeness, but when they do, I make sure to be polite back. :)

    Please check out my blog at :) Welcome to Voiceboks

  2. I try and say hi to people I pass throughout my day. It's nice to see smiling faces back. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH.


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