Thursday, July 21, 2011

A hug for a Parent

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When was the last time you say I Love you to your parents? I will be honest, in my case is been a while, not only because I live so far from them, but because I come from a family were my dad was the one that show love and mom was the cold one that didn't show any emotion.  
I really take for granted their love and I believe that they know I love them, I just keep forgetting that even if this is the case, still people need to be reminded that we do care for them. I think I learn my moms habits cause I see I am doing sometimes the same with my children, It will be a day that they do the same thing I am doing.

So, I realize that I need to break that cycle and teach my kids that, it is OK to hug your mom and dad, it is OK say I love you if you mean it more often. Sometimes they just need that because they daily life stress is really getting to them and they need to know they love. I need to show my parents how thankful I am for their sacrifices and things the teach me in life. Sometimes they just need a hug!

Parenthood is the world's most intensive course in love.
Polly Berrien  Berends

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