Saturday, July 9, 2011

The media and a trial.

So, like many of you I kinda follow some of the whole Anthony Trial on TV; I will not get into it cause is done. Right now what it bugging me is  two things: a little girl is dead and we still don’t know how she die and all this anger towards the jurors and anybody involve in this case.

I mean people common, you think you would it done it any better??? Jurors are under pressure, they receive instructions on what to do and handle the case, and as much we can thing that they might be wrong, this is no reason to leash on them the anger you might feel towards this mom.
And lets not talk about the media and how they had taken news to another level with this case, you have people like Nancy Crazy Grace and this other lady that I cant even remember her name (and don’t care) that just sound like we reading pages of the National Enquirer. How is possible that we can be fascinated with a family of liars and sick people like the Anthony’s?  Or the fact she could be partying for a month with her daughter death some place in Florida?
I don’t have the answers, the only thing that comes to my mind is, Thank God for my 3 healthy children and a husband that would protect me and the kids with his life from anyone that would hurt us.

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  1. We live in the UK so I missed most of the details of this trial. Just so sad for the poor little girl. This is a family in ruins. Thanks for linking up the NOBH


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