Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer Reality TV

Pawn StarsImage via Wikipedia
Now that shows finish their respective seasons, reality TV is setting in, so do you skip it all together or like me some become your guilty pleasures.

I been hoppin around between Pawn Shops, Swamp People, ghost stories and crazy competitions. Some intrigue me to be honest, others make me laugh and other just creep me out.

This been said, here are my personal favorites lately. Sadly I have to say I watch Big Brother, you might ask why, and is easy I like the mental games and this is one; I enjoy Wipeout with my kids is just make them laugh.
Another of my personal favorite is a surprise in the weather channel call From the Edge with Peter Lik, is about this professional photographer, he takes you with him to show you and give you tips of his adventures taking photos, just amazing photos.
Then, me and hubby been watching and flipping channels, but from the History Channel we found Swamp people, Ghost Hunters, American Pickers, American Restoration and Pawn Stars. And for last, shows about buying storage units, yes, as you can see we been bored.

I have to admit some are just because are been film in Las Vegas close to me (you should see the line to get in the pawn shop from PAWN STARS here in Las Vegas), but between the laughs and the bizarre to the Wow in some cases i don't have much option, except for some USA Network shows (hubby can stop talking about Burn Notice).

Flip you Remote Control Channel button, you might be surprise of what you can fin out there, and reality TV is not anymore Desperate Housewives from some County.


  1. My husband has been watching Swamp People. There was a marathon and I got drawn to it. I took a shine to Troy. Its a good entertainment.

  2. I don't watch reality TV but then I don't watch all that much TV. I did watch the first survivor show and the scheming made me sick. Just don't enjoy watching people be mean and sneaky.:) thanks for sharing on NOBH as I know that reality TV is a secret pleasure for many:)


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