Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Kids = English first, Spanish second.

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For those that dont know, I am originally from Mexico,  is a difference between how you are raise in the south of the country and where I was born and raise, I was born in the Northwest part of the country, Baja California, on one side of the border. In this part of the country we are more expose to the US and the mexican culture is not that strong, I dont want to get into this, and explain it cause can be confusing, and I just want it to give you a back story for my post.

I am proud of who I am and my culture, but since I marry a wonderful man in the US, I move here, embrace this country as mine and love it. My hubby doesn't talk any Spanish, and he only understand a few words, like llantas, chichis, and cerveza (lol fyi you can Google this); because of this, inside my household we only speak English.

When I meet people from a Latin America country and leaving in this country, I always been ask "do your kids know Spanish" and my answer is always "the oldest knows and understand some and can speak with an accent but not the two youngest yet", with this they answer back, "oh!!!, are you going to teach them?", I know I will, but really offends me the way I been ask this, I most politely will answer back "of course I will, but not now, for one, I am in America, were everyone talk of course English, I don't want them to grab an accent and to be honest like I said before we only speak English (even with my accent) at my home, I find it offended if I would speak Spanish in front of my husband and he cant understand what is been told, I just find it disrespectful; two , why make my teachers a nightmare because my child doesn't know what is been said on the classroom, three, they get there fair share of Spanish when they visit they grandparents and last, in Junior High they will have classes of Spanish to speed them up.

I don't like the fact that I been judge for not teach them Spanish, they will, as soon they actually can handle the one they suppose to know now, I also believe in teach them not only Spanish but also maybe Japanese, Italian and others, this will help them in their future professions and languages are a wonderful thing.
 I just feel that people look at me like I am betraying my culture or something, like I said before, I embrace who I am and where I came from, but also embrace this wonderful country and what stands for like my own, so deal with it and stop the OHs!!!!!!

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