Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My November

I been off blogging most of the month, to be honest is wasn't lack  of time, was just laziness, I just wasn't inspire. Life is been as usual, from good to uneventful, Hubby got a promotion, which is super, we had found a wonderful church to start attending service, we felt that with so many thing going on, we need it some food for the soul, to me what was more important is the children's ministry the have, which is amazing, because if my kids are OK, i'm OK.

We went to the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory, every year the put a display of lights on their Botanical Garden, Is pretty nice, I totally recommended if your in Las Vegas visiting this December, you can walk thru the paths to see more than half a million colorful lights, at the  end you might get a chance to take a picture with Santa, and also visit the MM's store, tour the factory and end at the Ethel M store for more fancy chocolates.

Hallie had a Thanksgiving play and she was dress as a Pilgrim, I must say she did great, she work hard to learn her line and songs. We spend Thanksgiving day with hubby cooking and watching Football (of course), by the way Marie Callender's Pies.......AMAZING!!!!, hubby and the girls went to grab some while I wait in the car, and came back with 4 pies, Cheese, Pumpkin, Apple and Chocolate Pie, we eat pies for days, not that is healthy to do that, but is not healthy to eat leftovers either, I can see my belly grow by the day and Christmas is not here yet, I have a wedding to attend next year, how am I going to loose all this weight?

This past weekend the kids sign all the Christmas cards we planning to send, and they help me to add addresses,  I'm still writing a note in them but they so many, 80 to be exactly, so is taking me longer to fill them up. By Saturday we stop by to see even more lights at the Motor Speedway here in Las Vegas, their display is call Glittering Lights (known before as The Gift of Lights), they feature 2.5 miles of lights, with more than 400 animated and sparkling displays, boys Scouts were selling this glasses that look 3D glasses, but no 3D, is even cooler, it make you see every light like a snowflake, so this is another neat place to visit.

Overall is been a different November, a better one, a fun one, I hope you enjoy your like I did mine, because the fun is just starting.

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