Sunday, July 10, 2011

Infomercials: How much I believe in them?

Have you lately notice how many informercials you can find in your TV lately? I notice, TONS. My husband things I am a sucker for them, and he is right!, the good thing is that he doesnt worry about me going crazy and buying just because, to be honest like many family we are under budget, but I guess he is right when he said that if we had the money you will see many in my home.

Lets face it, I had some around here, for example: those Hercules Hooks, yes I did buy those, and I find them very useful, and what about those Aqua Globes, guilty!, but I must say those end up in my parents home with the plant included because I find that they always get stuck with dirt inside. I can say over all I had got a few items...not all. But I can say that the biggest was the P90X Fitness System, I have to say is hard but I think it actually works, now after a month we decided to downgrade to the oldest version call Power 90, we found that is more on my level and still hard.

I have to think that this items will not be the first or last i will buy, but I hope I don't make it a daily routine to buy any, cause it can be a expensive addiction. Oh look at that, another commercial.


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  2. I used to see a few infor commercials and will even admit to buying some things but honestly they never live up to the claims Thanks for linking up the NOBH


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