Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning to say No.

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Sometimes saying no is hard to do, it could be to a boss, a family member, your children and even sometimes a stranger. But lets focus in our children, even when we keep saying "no, I am not going to buy it" and we repeat this a couple of times, guess what, by the time your out of that store door, you come out with the item your child want it.....You lost that battle.
Perfect example, my son Cole, he is 4 and loves M&M's chocolates, and guess what? the chocolates are always in the cashier area from any grocery store, pharmacy, even in electronic stores, this cause a fight to show who is the boss, I have to admit that I lost the battle maybe 50% of the time (or more).

Chocolate fights are not my concern, is the more serious battles that stress me. I have a 11 year old and she is getting on that age were I feel that I will question myself if I took the right decision by saying "no" about boys, parties and more; the 6 year old is a handful too, since she is more stubborn that the other 2 kids. Doesn't matter how many battles I have to fight, I just hope I give the right answer, and hope that one day when they have their own children, they will understand that as a parent you cant say "Yes" all the time, and saying "No" was the right answer at that time.

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