Sunday, July 31, 2011

When you Need a Rest...Take It.

Sun, a book, a glass of red wine, a cloister ....Image by Paco CT via Flickr
So your life is a chaos, from your kids running around, or maybe working to much, and don't make me start talking about the stress from just daily life, all this means just one thing, you need a time out.
I know, I know, no time to take a break, to much to do so little time, but, I am not asking you to go forever to a spa.

Is so hard to find that happy place, that place were you can rest your mind and forget about everything else, I love my kids and husband and I would do anything for them, but you spend days and days with not a moment alone. When you feel like that, means is time to rest.

So, here is the plan, drop the kids with your mother, it doesn't have to be all day, and not necessary your mom, hubby works too. The plan is to do something you enjoy to do, no excitement, just relaxing. Here are some ideas, go to see a movie, or go to a Starbucks to read a book, if you like to be pamper go to a spa, or go and get your nails done,  what about go to the beach and seat in the sand looking at the ocean, just find you quiet place. Go out with the friends is a no no, why? well, because you suppose to have some you time, not gossip time or the stress of having a conversation that might or might not affect you.

And in case you wonder what is my rest time, is actually this, when my kids and hubby are sleep, no sound is around me, just me and my Laptop. So take my advice, take a rest, you deserve it.

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  1. Resting right now. It's after 3 am but it's quiet so I am taking advantage before I head to bed. My daughter noticed I was agitated today so she asked why. I told her well I haven't been alone in over a month. She just laughed as it's so true. I love them but sometimes you just want a little "me" time. lol


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