Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tough Conversations with my kids.

     As a parent I try to shield my kids as much as I can from hard issues that are happening around them, you really want them to have their childhood as happy as possible, but sometimes the problems around you had to be explain to your children in a way the can maybe understand.

     In some point in our life I had to explain to my kids why daddy was at home every day when they come from school, and not working like normally he was; or what we were doing in a big office full of people waiting room for hours to ask for help until things are better. Thank God things got back to normal soon and life is good. But this make me thing how many time I gave my parents a hard time, or why until I got marry I realize in how much financial stress they were, I don't even what to mention their fail marriage.

     Recently in the beginning of the year I have to explain my kids why we have to visit their grandparents, actually since I had 3 kids, it was like this, for the 11 year old was "Honey, grandpa is in the hospital, he is really not good, I need you to be a big girl for me and keep it cool for your brother and sister"; the conversation with the 6 year old was "Honey, granpa doesn't feel good, so we need to see him and make sure he is doing better"; and with the 4 year, well, there was no conversation cause he is in a bliss full childhood and he would forget as soon I would say anything.

     This days the tough conversations come with my 11 yr old girl,  the issues are different, more when you talking to a girl that is growing up, they are conversations that I realize my mother never had with me, I think I am doing different approach and sometimes I feel like a coach instead a of mom, I know this conversations will not stop ever, but the oldest they get the harder it gets, and there is no manual to help me out. I just hope my judgment makes me say the right things.

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