Sunday, August 28, 2011

Beyonce baby News.

I didnt catch her walking the red carpet at the VMA's, but I think it was better knowing her baby news by watching her perform, it was totally cute. This is a Glowing Mom to Be! Congrats!


  1. Hey!

    I love reading your blog (probably b/c of your writing style). There is a topic though that I haven’t seen covered yet (sorry if I was out of town while you posted it). But I was wondering if you could post about saving cord blood??? I’m still trying to decide if its a good idea. I’m using this site for most of my info: , I’d like to hear some real life advice though.

    At the very least I intend on donating. Just thought I’d float the idea by you for a post.


  2. That is so cute! No time to catch this sort of thing on TV... but at least I had time to read your blog today! :)


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