Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Man accused of throwing his 7 yr old son overboard during a sightseeing

Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt in many matters, but "horse playing" with your 7 year old son is no excuse to act like an idiot and trow your kid to the water, at least that was the excuse of a guy in California gave to a Cable News Channel I was watching today.
They say he appear intoxicated, but after watching the interview he gave, it look more like he is just an a%$$@ole on daily basis....and a jerk, you can even see the poor girlfriends, which by the way try to defend him to try to make him stop answering questions by squeezing his hand, and the jerk getting annoy by this.
I understand that boys are raise differently from girls, and maybe the fact that dads have to rough them up to become man, but this was no place or time, even if the boats were still, even if there was only one more boat or 80 boats and even if the boy knows how to swim like a pro, you just don't this!

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