Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bored out of my mind without my kids.

sleepingImage by riebschlager via Flickr
My husband and me sent our kids to their grandparents a week ago, you would think that sounds great, but sadly we are tight on money, so there goes the idea of doing anything while they're gone. Since my hubby is at work all day, the first couple of days without my kids fell like heaven, blogging, eating junk food, sleeping late, but now after a full week of my kids gone, is am just bored. 

The relax feeling is gone, junk food is really affecting my digestive system and sleeping late just make me feel more tired at noon....yes, noon, I realize that I was in trouble the first time I saw the time and it show 12:00 PM, not good. I cant even blog anymore cause my mind keep wondering around and can focus thinking if Cole (my 4 yr old) had any potty accidents, or the fact Hallie (my 6 year old) get emotional every time we skype, thank God Cassie is 11 and knows how to deal been away.

The worst part of my mind wondering around is that I can become depress or stress because of the problems we are facing in this moment in time will cross my mind often. I should try to stay positive and be less selfish, I mean, my parents are the only grandparents of my kids since my husband parents already pass away, my brother and sister dont have children so my kids are the only grandchildren, and since we move so much they dont get to see the kids so often.
Sorry, I need it to vent before I start seeing ufo's or ghosts out of my head, again sorry, to much syfy channel.


  1. That SciFi channel is addictive huh! Don't worry...they will be back, and you'll be wondering why you missed them so much;)
    Just stopping in from VoiceBoks members to remember,

  2. Children...cant live with them; cant live without them.....


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