Saturday, August 20, 2011

Moving is so hard.

 For those that don't know me that well, I marry to a wonderful man, but the industry he works, like many others is hurting, works more hours that any human can do, but now, hours are the same but salary has go down. Compare to other families, we don't stand and wait for other jobs to come falling from the sky, we take the serious decision of moving if that is necessary, we had struggle, we been lucky and for some reason God has been there in the last minute when we need him most.

Example of blue guide sign indicating services...Since 2 years ago we been waiting for we call it "the dream job", why dream job? because it would mean not work 60+ hours for him....yes I said 60, also means be able to spend more time with us as a family, it would be outside the industry he works now, and the most important, it will give us that stability we need.
The downside is to move again to the East Coast and start all over in a new town, don't get me wrong, if you add all the benefits of getting that job, in a blink of an eye will move, its just this is taking a toll in my kids, and I don't know how i can tell them with straight face that it will be the last time. I don't want my kids grow been gypsy's. At first it was so easy cause my oldest was 3 years old and so well behave in a road trip, but is no fun travel across country, stress out, thinking of the future, counting your budget, and not be able to stop to see some attraction in the middle of the trip cause you cant afford it.

I know some day me and my hubby will look back and smile and laugh together on all the time we travel like this, like the cheap menu drive thru, the pee stops in the rest areas, and hotels that start looking the same very fast. Also, I know that when we get older, and the kids are gone from home, we will be in a motor-home and travel to really stop and those places we always want it to stop. Cross your fingers and lets hope that in this days we get the anwser we be waiting for for two years.


  1. My husband works too hard and goes to school in the evenings. We are in similar straits--waiting for the dream job and missing family time. I hope the economy improves more quickly than it appears to be improving now.

  2. Hi, new follower here from VB.

  3. I hope everything goes well and you receive the right answer. The east coast is a great place! Good luck!


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