Tuesday, August 23, 2011

People get upset when your honest with them.

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Like the movie "A Good Few Men", people "can handle the truth", you might ask, what does she means by that? is very simple, when you are been honest (saying what you think) without filtering what you saying....people just doesn't like it. I know, I know lame reference, but my hubby make me watch this freakin movie EVERY TIME is on TV, for those that don't know, is on TV a lot, just check AMC this month; but look at what I mean and you will understand the reference.


  • When we have to tell something to our parents, if tell them how I feel or what is going on, guess what, they had plans for you, and what you just said is not part of it. They will just give me a free advice.... they will introduce information to my ears that I didn't ask.
  • When a friend ask you for an advice, is because they want you to approve something they about to do, even when is the wrong decision, your honest and guess what, the get upset.
  • Other people in the internet, when you going to comment about an article or a group you belong online, but guess what, if they think you talking about them (which you might not cause you talking in general terms) they start personal attacks by replying your comment with nasty words.
I can go on and on with more examples, but I think you get my point, the true of the matter is that this you cant give you honest opinion about things, because you might be afraid to offend someone, I mean, I am not saying being rude or use inappropriate language, but in some point it gets annoying had to bite you tongue to not hurt someone you haven't even met feeling (like the last example).

I think is time that we can communicate with out getting nasty or you don't like what other people is saying or doing, remember we all humans and everyone has different personalities, and some word can just come out wrong. Just take a deep breath and analyse it before you react, lets be honest, sometimes they might be right, I know this cause sometimes happens to me.

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  1. I agree. I guess some people just can't handle the truth. I'm your newest follower from the VB hopper mania.



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