Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tourist in my own city.

Yesterday the kids and I decide to go out and be tourist in town, and since we are in one of the biggest entertainment capitals in the world, we decided to take advantage of that and the plan was, this....since the being lazy and not walking lately, I park at Caesar Palace, and we were going to walk to the Bellagio to peek at the Conservatory and see one of the Fountains shows.
Now, for those that have visiting Las Vegas might remember that hop from one hotel t other (even when they are side by side) is a longggg walk, in this case I think was a mile or two. So as plan we half of Ceasar Palace (thank God the Forum Shops were not between, cause it would it take longer to get to the other hotel), stop at the Conservatory, the theme right now is call "2011 Summer Garden" and as always very impressive, love the flowers.
After that we walk to the side walk of the Hotel, passing so many electric escalators to the destination. The only down side, is that still was early and we had to wait 30 minutes for the first show of the day at 3 PM. My kids were troopers and wait patiently. As soon they show start with the American Anthem the kids got excited and stare with amaze, after that they did another song and everything was done, and have to walk all the way back, tip take water with you to drink, you going to need it.
Anyways, got in the care and they still keep talking about it, the just had a lot of fun.


  1. Being a tourist in our own town is sometimes the funnest =) And you have it great there in Vegas. We haven't been in awhile but we are only about 6 hrs away. And boy you can get alot of walking in haha

    We do the shows and things when we visit =)

    Visiting from Members to Remember-voiceBoks

    Arizona Girls blog

  2. It's always fun to be a tourist in your own area. I love Las Vegas and I can tell by the pictures that you guys had fun. I'm from Orlando so we always enjoy the free things to do in the Disney area like walking in Downtown Disney and visiting the Disney hotels during Christmas to see the decorations.
    Great blog!

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