Saturday, September 3, 2011

First week of school: what a nightmare!

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After spending 3 days on overdue back to school shopping, and start my two girls in two different new schools, two different schedules, the only thing I can say is "What a Nightmare". Kids came back from grandparents three days before school start, this means that they were sleeping late, so waking up at 6:30 AM in the morning haven't been the most popular thing with them, then the traffic outside both schools was awful, I understand its the first day school but even with less people on Friday still I have to arrive 35 mins early to pick them up with a 100+ degree temperatures, this is because someone very smart decide to put to elementary schools on one side of each other, not to mention that middle school is right about the corner.

The first day my 11 yr old, who just started 6th grade, got a schedule from 7th grader, she didn't even realize this until the second period, and when she told the science teacher, he/she told her to wait until the end of the class, why????? she should it been send to the counselor asap, she didn't belong in that class! By the end of the day I went to talk to the counselor and she told me they fix the problem.

Also at my 6 yr old elementary school already start Fundraising by doing a meet and greet at Chuck E. Cheese, I had to explain Hallie that is not free you have to buy your stuff, but for some reason she believes that the teacher pays of it.

Overall the girls had a fair week, learning names, schedules, meeting people and all that good stuff, but we are just feeling so hangover hahaha, I will be sleeping all weekend.

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