Sunday, September 4, 2011

Littering? Come on kid! you're 16!

Litter on a Sunny Afternoon          Image by Alan Stanton via Flickr
Today was a busy day, I stop in the Circle K close to me to grab very fast a couple of things, in my way out I see this kid, I believe he was 16 (guessing here), he was opening a package of gum, by the time I sit on my car seat he was almost finish opening the package, and with no reservations, he just drops the wrapping plastic in the ground.

I start thinking "well isn't he not old enough to walk the 5 steps to the trash and drop the wrapping there?", then I am thinking, "well maybe I should blame half of this to his mom to not teaching that making trash for others to pick is a no no".  Many probably think if is my business to even criticize this kid for such a small matter, and I didn't make it my business since I didn't make a sarcastic comment to him and went my way.

I will be honest, I am not the most "green" person in the planet, but this is one of the lesson I DO teach my kids,  I do flip when my almost 5 yr old boy drop some trash behind him, always explain that I will not pick up and is a  no no, and I always ask him to take stuff to the trash bag for me. If we are out I always take a little sandwich bag with me, and put any small trash that the kids make inside the bag, which goes inside my purse until I can get rid off. I think the small lessons in life to are kids, are the ones that will make them a better person when they become adults.

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  1. It's ridiculous that he couldn't make it to the trash...ugh Hugs and VB♥


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