Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Keeping my cool.

When I was single and without kids, I lack of a quality call 'patience', I didn't had it, I didn't need it. This days I notice that I have by far the most patience in this planet; thanks to this I learn to keep my cool, my frustrations and emotions on check.

Patience (George Michael album)               Image via Wikipedia

But, I realize that sometime, just sometimes, I really, really need to vent, can you relate to the moment in life when everything that can go wrong, goes wrong, well, this is it, but because I am a mom and I want  to act like nothing is going on in front of my children,and  also having a husband that needs that emotional and strong attitude from a  wife, I just try to let it go.

When I think I will fall apart Is good to find a location like the bathroom or other place were you can be by yourself tear your eyes out, but, I know if I let it out, it will be a disaster, so to keep my cool, I remember the people for whom  I have to stay strong, I guess  love is a powerful medicine to take when your feeling down.


  1. Sorry you're having such a rough time. Hugs for you. :)

  2. I totally agree. I had a little meltdown a week ago myself. I locked the bedroom, cried and had my little pitty party, wiped my tears and went back to business as usual.


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