Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Smile! Is not the end of the world.

Have you notice that if you have a two or four year old kid, most of the cases always something becomes a drama and a live and death situation?

Case and point, my son Cole (4yrs old), runs out of snacks or drink, I say "no more, you already had enough", his smile turns into wining, I keep saying no, wining turns into crying, is like he is almost having a near death experience; this will go on until I give up...or if I am lucky, he will fall sleep crying because i dont give in, you get my point?

Then, I realize that we as adults show this kinda behavior sometimes. Case and point, woman (not me) wants new pair of shoes, husband says "we cant afford it right now", woman throws a  tantrum, husband says " try to understand", woman starts dropping tears in silence but in a way to make the husband aware of them, result, he gives in.

Not getting what we want all the time should not become a fight of wills with our love ones, you will not die of hunger or thirst if you don't get that snack or drink; your feet will not get a medical mystery for the lack of that pair of shoes.

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